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20 June

LOBMBC Championship Rd 6

From 18.00



We have once again been invited to the Hopton Residents Association “Party in the Park” event on Saturday the 15th of June. In the past this had been a great event and additional to showcase our sport. If anyone’s interested then please let us know.

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Our thanks go to the following for their photographs used  in this website:


 Lee Prewer
 Jack Breach
Paul Breach

 Fred Emeny

 Sarah Patchett

LOBMBC Championship Rd. 5


1.  Jason PEAK  1200 pts.

2.  Ben SALLIS  620 pts.

3.  Wayne TURNER  600 pts.

4.  James GREEN  563 pts.

5.  Brian SHULVER  521 pts.

6.  Henry LACEY-GOODMAN  222 pts.


1.  Richard GRANT  1200 pts.


1.  Riley HUDSON  1160 pts.

2.  Jared DUNCAN  1016 pts.

3.  Tate MANTRIPP  976 pts.

3.   T J MASTERS  976 pts.


1.  Grace-Mae SAMPSON  1160 pts.

2.  Madelyn DUNCAN  1120 pts.

3.  Jonny BREWER  972 pts.

4.  Darell HIBBERT  876 pts.

5.  Bob DRURY  DNS

6.  Mason JESSUP  DNS

We are so extremely proud to announce following a lot of hard dedication by the clubs Directors and Management we have been awarded the UIM 2025 GT30 World Championships and OSY400 European Championships. The event will take place over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday the 19th & 20th of July.

     More details to follow regarding the working committee preparation meetings

     Thanks to all involved including the Directors and Board of the CPA.

Action from Thursday Night by Fred Emeny

Updated:  13 June 2024


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