Management Committee & Officials


Patron :  Dr. Doug Henderson

 President :  Barry Turner

Vice-Presidents :  Andy Wilson-Sutter, Phil Willeard & Malcolm Curtis


O F F I C E R S 


Commodore :  Peter Mantripp

Vice-Commodore :  Brian Shulver

Rear-Commodore :  POSITION VACANT

Secretary :  Barry Tyrell

Race Secretary :  Sarah Curtis

 Treasurer :  Russell Cooper

Publicity :  Colin Goodings

Entertainments :  Alison Mantripp

Membership Secretary & Members’ Rep :  Joy Shulver

Drivers’ Reps :  Tony Jude (Hydro) & Thomas Mantripp (GT Classes)


R A C E  O F F I C I A L S 


Officer of the Day :  Barry Turner, Russell Cooper, Mark Rix, Malcolm Curtis,
Andy Collison or Petra Codling

Safety Officer :  POSITION VACANT    •    Safeguarding Lead : Joy Shulver

Rescue Officer : Scott Shrimpton    •    Rescue Crews :  Andy Collison, Sam Bird,

Scott Shrimpton, Mike Wray, Phil Hogg, David Benson, Graham Fisher, Duncan Parnell,
Mandy Catchpole, Malcolm Curtis, Ian Stewart, Karen Brown, George Catchpole, Shane Meen,
Stuart Catchpole, Malcolm Bryant, Nick Forey & Karin Hemmingway


Medical Team :  Paramedic & Ikon Ambulance Services

Launching :  John Dyball 

C.P.A. Training Principal :  Malcolm Curtis

C.P.A. Training Officers :  Brian Shulver, Brian Block, Jason Mantripp & Thomas Mantripp

Technical Measurers :   Barry Turner, Wayne Turner, Dale Turner & Peter Mantripp

Scrutineers :  Peter Mantripp, Wayne Turner, Barry Turner, Nigel Stopforth, 

Thomas Mantripp, Barry Loveys & Barry Tyrell

Timekeepers :  Richard Bullard, Roger Evans, Kaitlyn Bullard & Derek Bullard

Merchandise Caravan :  Louise Campbell

Webmaster :  Mike Ward    •    Press Officer :  John Soanes

R A C E  C O M M E N T A T O R S

Jason Mantripp, Matthew Read, Jason Peake & Phil Willeard