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The post-war era  1940-49

1947 Edward Tuck_edited.jpg
1948 Billy Nichols.png

1947 Edward Tuck's runabout Red Squirrel moored in front of the thatched-roof Clubhouse.

1948 Billy Nichols in Noon.

1949 Prog Cover 2.jpg
1947 D Mirror - the winner.jpg
1949 Prog Cover.jpg

1947 Alan Darby celebrates winning the Daily Mirror Trophy.

1948 Daily Mirror pits - colorised.jpg

1948 Alan Ashford prepares Big Apple during the Daily Mirror Trophy meeting.

The commentators view_edited.jpg

Leon Russell on the microphone - at this time the commentary position was open to the elements !

Billy Nichols at top buoy.jpg
Murry Walker.jpg

Billy Nichols (41) leads the way round the top buoy in Rapier. Note the lack of crash helmets which were not required until 1953.

On the 30th August 1947 the East Coast Championship at Oulton was broadcast live by BBC radio. The commentator was a young Murrey Walker who would go on to to be the voice of F1 motor racing. His father Grahame had previously provided commentary for several post-war race meetings.

Bert Savidge winner of the 1948 Daily Mi

1949 Bert Savidge in his 229cc Johnson powered Jacoby Antelope, winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy.

1949 Don Juler in Ifit II.jpg

1949 Don Juler in Ifit II, a pre-war Jacoby powered by a rare 350cc Neptune outboard.

1949 Daily Mirror.jpg

1947 The pits during the Daily Mirror meeting - the Sea Scouts were enlisted to assist the drivers and sell race programmes.

1949 Charles Drake in Mitsie.jpg

1949 Charles Drake in his Ford powered Darby-one-Design inboard hydro Mitsie.

1948 Hamer Copeman in Barracuda.jpg
Toby Sutton in Zizza.jpg

1949 Harmer Copeman's reverse 3-pointer Barracuda, winner of the inaugural Battle of Britain Trophy.

Toby Sutton in Zizza and Billy Nichols in Rapier at the top bouy.

1949 Club House.jpg
Post war inboard racing.jpg

The starting clock and minute board

1948 pit scene.jpg

1948  The hydro pits behind the old clubhouse.

1947 Daily Mirror- J. Partington in Blac

1949 Darby-one-Design inboard hydro's hit the start line led by Alan Darby in Who's Darby?.

details of boats.jpg

Race entries for the 1949 season at Oulton Broad

1947 The park was packed for the Daily Mirror Trophy meeting.

Pre computer time keeping.jpg

Pre-computer timing system

Pre-war pits - colourised.jpg

1948 The clubhouse pits 

Ivan Darby building boats.jpg

1948 Ivan Darby (right) building race boats at the Commodore boatshed 


1949 Harmer Copeman (in lifejacket) preparing to race Dracula

Charlie Nichols.jpg

Charlie Nichols - founder of the Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

1949 Whisso Bang

1949 Toby Sutton in the Lycomng powered Whisso-Bang


1948  Alan Darby winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy in Spitfire.


1949 Ted Peck in Atomic, a 350cc Johnson powered Plenderleith Dab runabout

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