Photo Gallery / 1975-79

1975  Peter Sabberton in Sabena, a class ON Milesmaster

1975 Peter Rix in class stock hydro. Peter was still racing in 2018

1975  Neil Gregg in Sir Ducer, class ON Cougar / Johnson

1976  Aline Jordan in Daydream, class stock outboard hydro

1975 T Percival in JPS (1).jpg

1975 Tom Percival Molinari / Mercury class ON

1975 pits at Oulton.jpg

The pits at the 1975 sportsboat national meeting featuring John Harmer, 25 Alan Sabberton, 15 Bill Brown, 116 Vic Budds and 10 Tom Percival

1976  Bob Spalding John Player Special, Molinari / Mercury class ON

1979 Simon Jewson - class SE.jpg

1979  Simon Jewson Waveney Valley Boats, class SE

1979 Chris Bromley - class SE.jpg

1979  Chris Bromley, Waveney Valley Boats, class SE

1979 Jon Knights in Tudor by BT.jpg

1979  Jon Knights British Champion class OE

1975 Brit Stock Hydro Kradepohl.jpg

1975  Karl Kradepohl British Stock Outboard Hydro Champion 

1975  Mike Smith Junior outboard monohull

1975 Roger Brady in Asmodeus, class stock hydro

1976 Paul Morton class ON.jpg

1976  Paul Morton class ON

1979 Bob Spalding.jpg

1979  Bob Spalding Velden / Mercury, class ON

1979 Garry Smith.jpg

1979  Garry Smith British 350cc Champion

1979  Tom Percival, Long John, Seebold / Mercury in class OZ

1976  The sportsboat pits during the national meeting

1973  Stuart Woods SN Outboard Monohull 

1975  Colin Blakemore Schulze / Mercury class OI