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Photo Gallery / 1970-74

1970 The Pits.jpg

1970  Paul Baker in the monohull She'll Do! and Bob Spalding in Bobcat 

1971 Bob Paul in Vee Jumper.jpg

1971  Bob Paul in Vee Jumper

1971 Hydro pits at Oulton.jpg
1971 J Thompson in Thom-Cat class ON.jpg

1971  191 Jack Codling and 11 John Rohm from Sweden

1971  J. Thompson in the Shakespeare built Thom-Cat, class ON

1971 Pits.jpg

1972 The racing family from Potter Heigham - Jean, David and Danny Fisher preparing their stock hydroplanes.

1973 LOBMBC prog cover.jpg
1971 Jack Wilson in Extractor.jpg
1971 John Clabburn in Bobcat 2.jpg

1971  Local dentist Jack Wilson in Extractor, club commodore in 1977-78.

1971 Peter Humphrey in Mr Fruit.jpg

1971  John Humphrey in the 500cc Konig powered Mr Fruit, class OC hydro

1971 Terry Bull in B & M.jpg

1971 Terry Bull in B & M, outboard stock hydro

1972 John Clabburn - class OI.jpg

1972  John Clabburn - British OI class Champion

1971 Nick Huddleston in Krack-On.jpg

1971  Nick Huddleston in the Konig powered monohull Krack-On

1970's D Willey in pits.jpg

1971  Doug Willey and Jack Codling at the Wherry Hotel

1973 Evelyn Walsingham.jpg

1973 Evelyn Wright  was a regular visitor from the Wells club

1974 Simon Armes in Atlantis.jpg

1974  Simon Armes in Atlantis, class NE

1974 Roy Sharman in Gunton Hall.jpg

1974  Roy Sharman in Gunton Hall, class NF

1974 John Morgan in Angie.jpg

1973  John Morgan in Angie, 350cc Konig

1973 Brian gedge in Valhalla Piranha Lot

1973  Brian Gedge in Valhalla, Lotus powered R2 racing inboard hydro

D Issitt in Crazy B 1973.jpg

1973  Derrick Issitt in Crazy B, an NE class Bristol / Mercury

Paul Booty 1974.jpg

1974  Paul Booty stock outboard hydro

1971  John Clubburn in the Schulze-built  Bobcat - class OI

1972 Alec Snelling in Black Cat.jpg

1972  Alec Snelling in Black Cat, class ON catamaran

1972 John Shearing in Flipper.jpg

1972  John Shearing in the Bristol/Mercury powered Flipper

1973 Oulton Broad pits.jpg

1973 the 'wet' hydroplane pits

1973 David Fisher in Hound Dog.jpg

1973  David Fisher, outboard stock hydro

1972 Stuart Woods in Noddy.jpg

1972 Stuart Woods in Noddy

1973 clubhouse.jpg

1973 The clubhouse pits

1975 John Forster in Kinnell - class OC.

1974  John Forster in Kinnell, class OC

1974 Jon Knights (Nibo-Carniti).jpg

1973  John Knights - world SE speed record holder

1971 Roger  Jenkins in Guitar Man. Bacam

1971 Roger Jenkins in Guitar Man, class SN. The Welshman would go on to F1

1970 Barry Evans.jpg

1970  Barry Evans in Let's Go Fi-Fi,Carniti powered EU Morelli runabout

B Guest in Snipe 1971_edited.jpg

1971  Brendon Guest in Snipe, his Stock Outboard Hydro.

1975 Vic Budds in Scorpion.tif

1975  Vic Budds in Scorpion, Italian Abbate hull in class OI

1974 Neil Gregg.jpg

1974  Neil Gregg  Cougar / Johnson class ON

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