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Before the Beginning pre-1930

1905 Brooke.jpg

Mawdsley Brooke racing Baby 1 for the Brooke Trophy on Oulton Broad in June 1905.

Mawdsley Brooke.jpg

Mawdsley Brooke was responsible for bringing motorboat racing to Oulton Broad.

1905 Surprise.jpg

The experimental Brooke hydroplane Surprise on Oulton Broad in 1905.

1904 BAby 1.jpg

Build in 1904, Baby 1 was one of the first successful racing craft from the Brooke boatyard located on Lake Lothing.

1905 Elgiva.jpg

With the maltings in the background, the 20hp Sterling powered 

Elgiva competing on Oulton Broad in June 1905.

1911 racing off shore.jpg

Cordon Rouge and Vicuna racing offshore at Lowestoft in 1911.

1909 Dolly Do.jpg

Built at Norwich by Boulton & Paul, DollyDo II competed offshore at Lowestoft and on Wroxham Broad in 1909.

With the Everitts Park in the background, Napier IV racing on Oulton Broad in 1910.

1910 Napier.jpg
1913 Crusadaer.jpg
Nicholas Everitt.jpg

Nicholas Everitt

Crusader  was another Hollingsworth craft which competed in 1913. The west-end department store owner would later donate Nicholas Everitt Park to the Lowestoft Corporation - a permanent legacy to motorboat racing on the Broad.

1929 Daily Mirror.jpg

The start of the Daily Mirror Trophy offshore at Lowestoft in 1929. The event would later be transferred to Oulton Broad.

everitts park c.1900.jpg

1912  The view from Everitts Park looking towards the Wherry Hotel.

1929 Bulldog.jpg

Jack Brooke driving Bulldog in the 1929 Duke of York Trophy race on the River Thames.

Nicholas Everitt pre pre WW2 ?.jpg

1920  Another  view from Everitts Park.

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