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Photo Gallery / 1950-59
Owen Moore in Silver Wings.jpg
Marg Juler in Bottom Drawer.jpg

1959 : Owen Moore winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy in Swift Wings, Royal Enfield powered

1955 : Margaret Juler (Bottom Drawer) the leading lady driver during the 1950s.

Darby Juler etc.jpg

Alan Darby (left) chats to his rivals as they approach the Top Buoy. c.1953

1957 A huge favourite with the spectators, Toby Sutton the Ventnor/Chevrolet powered Rooster

1951 Daily  Mirror.jpg

1951 29 Gordon Bowell (Brenda Ann) leads 96 Lonsdale Bonner (Lazy B) and 95 Norman Wilson-Smith (Otter) during the Daily Mirror Trophy race. The park appears to be a little crowded !

1952 D Mirror Ind Trphy with Charles Har

The Daily Mirror Individual Trophy was originally an inter-club event and raced at Oulton Broad in 1952. Charles Harrison, captain of  the victorious Britiish Outboard Racing Club, is seen here with the silverware.

Don Juler in Ifit II 4.jpg
1954 Bert Hayward driving Skip.jpg
1954 Bert Hayward driving Skip.jpg
1955 Race programme.jpg

1950  Don Juler in Ifit II.

1955 Fixtures.jpg
1951 entries.jpg

The race programme for the 1951 East Coast Championship

1951 Harmer Copeman in Squib.jpg

Bert Hayward in the Johnson powered Skip, winner of the Earl Howe Trophy in 1952 & 53.

1951 Toby Sutton in Zizza.jpg

1951 : Toby Sutton in Zizza battles with 41 Billy Nichols in Rapier at the top bouy.

1951 Joan Oldman.jpg

1951  June Oldman in the Daily Mirror sponsored club hydro Flutter.

1950 Prize presentation.jpg

1951  Harmer Copeman in the Darby One Design inboard Squib.

1952 Alan Darby trophies.jpg

The 1950 Prize Presentation at the Hotel Victoria.   L to R : Alan Darby, C. Turner, Joan Oldman, Charles Drake, Ron Howes (still a club member in 2022) and Harmer Copeman.

1956 Daily Mirror.jpg

1952 A successful year for Alan Darby in the Johnson powered Wicky.

1956  250 Jack Bird and 343 Billy Leech chase 305 Red Kinselly the winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy which attracted 53 entries !

1957 Daily Mirror - J. East in Taboo.jpg
1957 Derek Ring Progressive.jpg

1957  J. East in Taboo competing the Daily Mirror Trophy meeting

1957  Derek Ring from the London Club winner of the King of the Broad in driving Progressive II, a 650cc Mercury powered Flying Fish.

1954 Peter Stanton in Geisha.jpg
1956 John Page in Hell Cat & Billey Leec

1953 Peter Stanton in Geisha, winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy powered by a J.A.P. speedway motor.

1956  389 John Page in Hellcat and 343 Billy Leech in Swift Wing.

1958 David Jones in Smoky.jpg

1958  David Jones in Smoky winner of the Daily MIrror Individual Trophy.

1955 Membership Card.JPG
1952 George Formby & Max Miller on Oulto

1952  This photo is that of the comedian, singer and actor George Formby. The Lancastrian was a regular spectator of the motorboat racing at Oulton Broad which he viewed from his cruiser the Lady Beryl. He normally kept a low profile but on one occasion he was persuaded to present the trophies on the veranda of the Wherry Hotel. This particular photo - taken at the Yacht Station with the Maltings in the background - also features the very popular comedian and film star Max Miller who was appearing in summer season at Gt Yarmouth. 

1951 LOBMBC Member Card.jpg
Club Hulls_edited-1.jpg

1950  The Daily Mirror newspaper sponsored the building of several outboard hydroplanes powered by a 350cc British Anzani motor which were leased to club members. They were all named after cartoon characters which appeared in that publication.

1953 Ron Reeve in Tiger Rag.jpg

1954  Ron Reeve in Tiger Rag.

1950 Pits.jpg
1956 Don Davey in Dilly Dally (colorised

1956  Don Davey in his Anzani powered hydro Dilly Dally.

1950  The pits located in front of the thatched roof clubhouse.

1952 Alan Darby in Wicky (colorised).tif

1956  Alan Darby in his 350c Johnson powered hydro Wicky.

1950  Billy Nichols, winner of the Daily Mirror Trophy,

playback-fm_colorize-photo_4a58042cfbe183ba5d40e80e7df01532 (1).jpg

1952  Gordon Bowell in his 350c Martin powered hydro Brenda Ann.

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